Current Obsessions

To write, I need to research, and when I research, I sometimes get a little too into it. Below are a few things I’ve obsessed about recently. If you have any insight or share my passion, follow the link and leave a comment.

816 Magnolia Street

This is how 816 Magnolia Street. It’s not really. It’s 630 21st Street in Sacramento, but it is this beauty around which I have set the story of Jed and Libby. Libby is a cynical lawyer who is renovating the house. Jed is the proud contractor who is doing the work. This happily ever after … Continue reading 816 Magnolia Street

Fourth of July Wedding

Because some of my imaginary friends are getting married on the Fouth of July. Planning an imaginary wedding is much better than planning the real thing. The sky is the limit and money is no object. But a three-day destination wedding in the south of France won’t really do for this couple. They’re keeping it close … Continue reading Fourth of July Wedding


Because even guys missing teeth are hot if they can skate. One of my imaginary friends is Canadian. Canadians love hockey. Ask any of them. So at some point, hockey must be a thing. If you know hockey, or are a hockey parent, or player, or puck bunny, and you think there is something I … Continue reading Hockey

Wedding Dresses

Because first comes love, then comes marriage. While doing research — like for a Fourth of July wedding — I come across things that spark my imagination. Lately, it has been wedding dresses. I found a dress so perfect for one of my imaginary friends, I may need to marry her off. Now, to imagine a groom… … Continue reading Wedding Dresses


Because Canadians make good neighbors. I have in my brain a story about a tiny town along the border — the Canadian border. If you have a lot of experience with the Canadian species, or you are one yourself and think there are things I need to know, please leave a comment below. You can … Continue reading Canada

1920s – 1930s Era Kitchens

Because a girl needs somewhere to eat her spaghetti and ice cream. The historic Queen Charlotte Hotel — the architectural star of my Alaska story — was built over a hundred years ago. “Hotel” is a euphemism; it was a whore house. Modernly, it houses a pub, an ice cream shop, and a bike rental … Continue reading 1920s – 1930s Era Kitchens

1972 Ford F-250

Because a girl’s daddy had to drive something when she was little. This truck is sort of its own character in the book, and I don’t want to give anything away. Check out the video here.